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LAKE WORTHIt is not advisable to clean your carpet on your own particularly when you have a lot on your plate. Without the aid of a professional cleaning agency, it can be a very exhausting task. A professional deep carpet cleaning service like ours guarantees spick and span carpets. Therefore, leaving you with additional time to focus your attention on other essential tasks. Besides, it is our profession, we are the specialists and we are the best carpet cleaning Lake Worth. One of the obvious advantages that come with steady carpet cleaning is an odourless home. Carpets have the tendency to smell when spills that come in contact with your carpet don’t go away even with traditional cleaning like vacuuming or the use spot removing products. But an expert carpet cleaning establishment like pristine steam can get rid of these odours by using the correct set of cleaning gears, products and methods (the kind of cleaning set only a professional is known to wield). 


Carpet Cleaning •  Deep Stains

Pet Urine & Odor • Pet Stains

Carpet Stretching & Repair

Area Rugs • Oriental/Persian Rugs

Upholstery • Scotch Guarding

Tile Restoration

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LAKE WORTH 2can make the roughest odours and blemishes vanish from your carpets, allowing them to smell and look like you just bought it. And the best advantage is that the fabric will not be damaged during our cleaning procedure. A regular expert upkeep can protect your carpets from the bad side effects of not cleaning them regularly. It not only guarantees they will be in excellent shape all year, but it also guarantees you the peace of mind you will get knowing that your carpets will retain their original look and remain in perfect condition for a longer period of time. By implication, it will save you extra cost of buying a new carpet every year. Self-cleaning your carpets are difficult and also demands a lot of energy. From moving furniture to buying upgraded carpet cleaning products to looking for a house help, the whole idea can become excruciating and in the end a total waste of time, energy and money. But when you hire our service, you give these demanding responsibilities to us, separating yourself from the whole drama and having a relaxed mind knowing that your carpets are in capable hands. The cleaners of pristine steam carpet cleaning make use of various confirmed techniques to deep clean your carpets.

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I called Pristine Steam when my dog had some serious diarrhea because my neighbor gave him old take out. Boy did this make a mess! I explained the severity of the situation and they were able to find a tech in less than 30 mins. Not only were they fast but he was able to pretty much work miracles on the areas my dog pooped all over. I can't thank you guys enough for saving the day! I one million percent recommend them and i've been telling all my friends and co-workers.

 Tina R

We needed to get our carpet cleaned for a move-out. I called several companies, whom all gave me quotes of over $700 to get them cleaned so we would get our deposit back. Pristine Steam was able to give us the best price of $375 for the DEEP CLEANING package and made our gross old carpets look pretty much new. It came out so good that our landlord now uses them for all his properties. Amazing service for an unbeatable price. Thanks guys!

⭐ Ashlee T