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O R I E N T A L  A R E A  R U G S 

RUG 1Rug cleaning is not just to use strong chemicals and clean just the surface of the rug. Using wrong cleaning products will damage the rug and will leave chemicals on the rug which results cutting the life of the rug in half and more importantly is dangerous for everyone in the house hold.

We will pick up your Oriental, Persian, Chinese, or Indian carpets and decorator rugs and clean them at our exclusive gentle rug cleaning. Our rug cleaning plant is the most advanced, comprehensive rug cleaning operation. Our highly trained rug technicians will meticulously clean and restore your rugs to look like new.

Oriental Area Rug



I called Pristine Steam when my dog had some serious diarrhea because my neighbor gave him old take out. Boy did this make a mess! I explained the severity of the situation and they were able to find a tech in less than 30 mins. Not only were they fast but he was able to pretty much work miracles on the areas my dog pooped all over. I can't thank you guys enough for saving the day! I one million percent recommend them and i've been telling all my friends and co-workers.

 Tina R


We needed to get our carpet cleaned for a move-out. I called several companies, whom all gave me quotes of over $700 to get them cleaned so we would get our deposit back. Pristine Steam was able to give us the best price of $375 for the DEEP CLEANING package and made our gross old carpets look pretty much new. It came out so good that our landlord now uses them for all his properties. Amazing service for an unbeatable price. Thanks guys!

Ashlee T

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