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Commercial Carpet


Offices and Office Buildings

Clean carpet makes a great first impression for office employees, clients and visitors. Throughout the years office carpet gets a lot of foot traffic and is frequently subjected to coffee spills, food, and other things that cause wear and tear.
In addition, keep your office up to professional standards by steam cleaning your office chairs. Office furniture gets a lot of use during the year, but it doesn’t need to look worn out. Steam cleaning will get your office furniture look as good as new.
For that we have our specialist technicians to take care of your office needs.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and other food service businesses are judged critically when it comes to cleanliness and carpeted areas can be soiled quite regularly. Spills and stains are almost inevitable and high traffic volume results in noticeable wear patterns throughout your establishment.


Hotels and Motels

One of the main drivers of customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry is cleanliness and one of the most difficult areas to maintain are carpets and upholstery. High traffic volume, accidental spills, and even pet stains and odors can make even a well-kept establishment look and smell unclean.
Having your hotel or motel carpets professionally cleaned will not only keep your carpets looking great, it will also keep your establishment smelling fresh and inviting.

Theatres and Auditoriums

The carpets and upholstery in your theatre or auditorium represent a significant investment and protecting and extending their useful lifespan just makes good business sense.
Regular professional cleaning of your commercial carpets and upholstery not only makes for a cleaner, healthier environment for your staff and patrons, but can also help extend the life of your carpets and furnishings


Commercial rug cleaning

Pristine Steam carpet cleaning offers commercial customers professional commercial rug cleaning services with proven results and customer satisfaction. Our rug cleaning specialists team is experienced in cleaning various types of rugs (natural, synthetic, handmade, machine-made, etc..) and dealing with different levels of soiling and shading of the rugs

Our dedicated team of experienced rug cleaning specialists will perform one of the following methods when cleaning your rug:

Hot water extraction – an eco-friendly spray, which is combined with a detergent that soaks into the fibers of the rug and dissolves all impurities after which it is extracted with our powerful equipment, which leaves your rug clean, refreshed, with more vibrant colors and a nice aroma

Commercial stain removal

Pristine Steam carpet cleaning provides professional stain removal services on hard floors, carpets, rugs, and upholstery to commercial customers and businesses throughout Palm Springs and the surrounding areas.


Our trained and experienced professional stain removal specialists are constantly undergoing training on all new techniques and products for stain removal on the market, so that they can offer the very best to our customers. Years of experience, powerful equipment and vast product portfolio combine to deliver significant results, which exceed expectations

Our stain removal service is one of our top-requested services, due to the fantastic results we achieve and the customer satisfaction rate of all our services. Our dedicated stain removal team will come to assess the type of stain and the overall condition of the fabric it is on. Then they will choose the most suitable product for its removal from our portfolio. The relevant cleaning method is then selected and the treatment is performed. In a fraction of the usual service time you will have your floor, carpet, rug or upholstery stain-free, refreshed and deodorized. This will cause no down-time or disruption to your business. So that you can dedicate your time to your business and let us do what we are good at – deliver results that will exceed your expectations

Commercial carpet, rug and upholstery steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a very popular and effective method for cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery. It is a non-toxic and human friendly cleaning method with lots of added benefits – improves the air quality of the premises, sanitizes the surfaces cleaned, eliminating all bacteria and microbes, including some pests and their eggs such as dust mites, bed bugs, carpet beetles, etc.. and additionally, it leaves the area nicely fragranced.

Pristine Steam carpet cleaning provides professional steam cleaning services to commercial customers in all Palm Springs areas, the main types of steam cleaning services we perform are:

Professional steam mattress cleaning – very often requested by hotels and the hospitality industry in general. Professional steam cleaning is much stronger and more effective than the traditional steam mop cleaning and provides our customers with quick and effective clean. The professional steam mattress cleaning is also popular for pest control treatment and prevention, so it is one of our top requested services, due to the discrete and effective nature of the treatment.

Professional steam carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning – especially effective and preferred method for cleaning, due to the human-friendly nature and the fact that no chemicals or detergents are involved in the process. Super-heated steam sanitizes, cleans and deodorizes the surfaces cleaned and refreshes the air in the premises, while exterminating all bacteria and germs and pests such as dust mites, carpet beetles and bed bugs

Commercial carpet cleaning


Our commercial carpet cleaning service uses the latest cleaning techniques and equipment to deliver odor-free, clean and hygienic carpets to your hotel, restaurant, office or a block of flats. We can work in flexible working hours ensuring minimal disruption to your business. We create bespoke carpet cleaning programmed to identify heavy, moderate and light traffic areas to provide the best and most cost-effective solution for you. Thanks to our team of professional carpet cleaners, who always do a great job when treating any carpeted area, even pretentious commercial customers are left satisfied .

Whether you have a long carpeted hallways, small and big working spaces or even carpeted staircases, it is impossible to keep all the flooring in a high traffic indoor space clean. Therefore a carpet cleaner would be a great help when dealing with stubborn stains, discolored carpet area and the most important weekly maintenance tasks.

If you're looking for a carpet cleaning company in the Palm Springs areas which is ready to provide its customers a top notch commercial carpet cleaning service, then "Pristine Steam" is all set to get any carpet cleaned. We are able to perform the most effective carpet cleaning methods, so if a regulars steam cleaning isn't a good choice for the more delicate carpets, then we have the needed detergents and tools to treat your carpet with more suitable techniques.

Get in touch with a representative to get more detailed information about our commercial carpet cleaning services. Book a fully insured professional cleaning service and leave all worries to the carpet cleaner. All the carpets in your commercial premises are in safe hands!


My husband and I purchased our first home which had 90% tiled flooring. I mean everything from the kichen, to the bedrooms and most living areas. We shopped around and a few contractors told us we would have to rip out everything, to then install new flooring. Being new home owners we were on a very tight budget thus installing new flooring was not an option for us. Long story short, I did some online research and came across Pristine Steam who was experts in tile restoration. I told my husband we should call them and at least get a quote to see what we were looking at in terms of pricing. Not only was the pricing right in line with our budget, they were able to more than exceed our expectations! Our tile grout and flooring looks AMAZING literally brand new!! We could't be happier. All I can say is Thank you to the whole Pristine Steam team for making our new house a home. 

Wanda P

same day service available 
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