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Wood Floor Cleaning & Polishing


Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

Keeping your wooden floor in beautiful condition requires regular cleaning, however even with regular upkeep hardwood can start to show signs of wear and tear. A deep clean is one of the best ways to restore your floors to their natural finish, stain and shine without fitting entirely new floorboards.

Pristine Steam Flooring is now offering a professional hardwood floor cleaning service using specialist machinery to clean and/or strip pre-oiled timber floors and prepare them for re-oiling. This step completely eliminates the need for sanding a floor which can hugely reduce the level of disruption and mess caused, particularly in commercial properties where hardwood floor spans a vast surface area.

Why do you need a professional wood floor cleaning service

Oil treatments give wooden flooring a stunning finish that shows off the beauty and warmth of the natural wood. Over time though, and especially in areas of high traffic, this oil can wear off, leaving hardwood floors susceptible to damage from dust, pet claws and liquid spillages that are allowed to soak in. Regular professional cleaning and re-oiling stops your floorboards from taking the weight of sustained wear and tear, keeping them shining and scratch-free.

What does our wood floor cleaning involve?

Our scrubbing machine works by applying a solution to the wooden floor, before scrubbing the oil away, leaving the floor bare and clean, ready to be re-oiled. This means your flooring can be sustained for longer, keeping its natural finish while being sealed against any irritants or dirt. Professional floor cleaning in this manner also means no water is left behind, reducing the risk of your floorboards swelling or bloating.

Useful especially for commercial properties that require updates to their flooring to be made quickly, professional cleaning removes the more time-consuming task of sanding floorboards. Instead, deep scrubbing lifts oil away from the surface of each floorboard, simultaneously drying them to ensure your floors are perfectly prepared to be re-oiled. Quicksand Flooring is able to carry out all services outside of working hours, to ensure your floorboards are thoroughly protected without disrupting your working day.

Wood Floor restoration
Wood Floor restoration

Wood Floors Cleaning And Polishing 

Our domestic and commercial floor cleaning & polishing services provide regular floor maintenance of all types of wooden floors including parquet, engineered and hardwood floors. Routine floor care is important to keeping your wooden floors protected and enhanced. Whether your floors are oiled or lacquered, we will apply the most appropriate floor maintenance method and the specific professional wood floor care materials to refresh the appearance and prolong their life and shine. Unless regularly maintained with the right floor care approach, wooden floors can easily become dull, stained and scratched, requiring an overall sanding and resealing. It is important to mention that any floor care procedure, whether it is cleaning and polishing of lacquered floors, or buffing and re-oiling of floors sealed with oils are done to maintain the finish and are only applicable to floors where the sealant is intact with only light scratches and minor signs of wear. If your floors have areas where the sealant has completely worn out, then sanding will be required.

While lacquered floors provide a more durable timber protection, occasional cleaning and polishing is important to prolong the time until another sanding is needed. In addition to the day to day maintenance, such as vacuuming and cleaning with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner, we recommend occasional professional cleaning and polishing when the first signs of wear appear to remove accumulated dirt, minor scratches and scuffs and refresh the overall appearance. For our cleaning and polishing services, we use Bona Wood Floor Cleaner followed by the application of one or two coats of Bona Refresher, depending on the level of wear.With our wood floor maintenance services, you can enjoy refreshed appearance of your floors ensuring continuous protection of the timer and delaying the need for floor restoration.

Wood Floor Maintenance For Commercial Floors.

Whether lacquered or oiled, wooden floors in commercial premises certainly require a more frequent maintenance as they are exposed to higher levels of traffic. Regular cleaning and polishing of commercial floors is essential, because it can significantly delay the time until another sanding is required. As we know, sanding and re-sealing of wooden floors in business premises is much more complex, time consuming and expensive service as compared to floor care and it can cause a greater level of disruption to the business as usual.

Therefore, take advantage of our professional cleaning and polishing services, available to any commercial and business premises, such as offices, schools, churches, museums, restaurants and more. Make sure that you act on time and book your cleaning and polishing service before the sealant of your floors is scratched and damaged beyond repair through a refreshment procedure to avoid the need for overall sanding and re-varnishing.

Wood Floor restoration

Wood Floors Buffing And Re-Oiling.

Oiled finished floors require more-frequent maintenance, depending on their use and the amount of foot traffic they receive. We recommend regular buffing and re-oiling of oiled floors every 10-12 months, or when the first signs of wearing appear to ensure that the sealant does not wear out and continue to provide durable protection to the timber. One of the main reasons why people choose oiled floors over those finished with varnish is their more natural appearance and feel.


Accumulation of dust and dirt, however, can easily spoil this and therefore a regular floor care of oiled floors is essential to keep their appeal. Our buffing and re-oiling services include thorough cleaning, followed by careful buffing with the use of a specific floor buffer to remove any fine particles and create a smooth surface while at the same time keep the existing protective sealant. We then apply an additional layer of oil on top for ultimate protection and durability.

Wood Floor restoration


They did an amazing job restoring our old wood floors, it looks like brand new again. Thank you for daving us money by replacing our old wood floors!

Leslie R

same day service available 
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