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Water damage 


When you’ve suffered a flood or an escape of water, extracting and removing the standing water as quickly as possible is crucial. Our water extraction service will bring you peace of mind knowing your property will be returned to the best condition possible.


The Ideal Response technicians go above and beyond to not only resolve your problem quickly and efficiently. But to also do so respectfully and in a manner that makes you the most comfortable. We provide both commercial water removal services and domestic water removal services, so no matter your situation we have the solution to your problem.

The Dangers of Standing Water

Not only will standing water begin to seep into the construction of your building (making it more complex to thoroughly dry), but if left to sit, greywater can quickly turn into black. Blackwater contains a variety of hazardous pathogens which can make anyone who comes into contact with it very sick.


With this in mind it is essential that you hire a water extraction specialist that can quickly and safely remove water. In order to avoid potential health risks to you, your family or employees.

Whether you’ve been victim to a burst water main, an overflowing river, or an uncontrollable leak within your property, quick action will help prevent secondary water damage that will help keep costs to a minimum. When looking to minimize the inevitable costs that come with water/floods it is important to hire a water extraction and removal service as soon as possible.

What is Water Extraction?

Water Extraction is the process of removing water from an area, most usually standing water caused by a recent flood or large spill incident involving water, sewers or pipes. We use industry leading technology to effectively and efficiently get the job done, and our water extraction services are of the highest standard.

Potential risks of not removing standing water quickly

If you do not extract water quickly, the drying process becomes more complex and will take much longer. Mold growth becomes a real risk and the construction of your property becomes jeopardized. Therefore becoming a serious health hazard to all exposed.

Mold also brings with it the potential of causing severe health risks if allowed to grow and remain in you property. This is why it is vital to both the health of the residents and property that a professional water extraction specialist is brought in to solve the problem.

water damage
water damage
water damage

Categories of water damage

The severity of water damage corresponds to the type of water involved. This is broken down into one of three categories:

Category 1:  Clean Water

Water that is uncontaminated at source and does not present a health risk.

Category 2: Grey water

Water that has become contaminated with bacteria or pollutants. It is unsafe for consumption and likely to cause illness.

Category 3: Black water

Foul-smelling and containing high levels of harmful contaminants, such as bacteria and toxins. Presents a clear and potentially serious risk to health.

The water damage restoration process

The process of water damage restoration will typically start with any residual water being pumped away so that furniture and other valuables can be removed, and further damage can be prevented. This is followed by the introduction of energy-efficient drying and dehumidification equipment, we can extract from any surface like carpet, upholstery, tile, etc.


I have only good things to say about Pristine Steam Water extraction and Removal services. They were professional and took care of us during a stressful time. They provided everything we needed and made the process as smooth as possible. Highly recommend! Thank you so much Pristine Steam!

William U

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