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Industrial Vacuum

We Are Your Natural Stone Tile Cleaning Experts

We are your local specialist for tile cleaning, stone cleaning, grout cleaning and tile, stone and grout sealing covering the restoration of all types of stone and tiled flooring including Ceramic, Limestone, Marble, Porcelain, Quarry, Sandstone, Slate, Terracotta, Terrazzo, Travertine and Victorian tile. Professionally trained by Pristine Steam we have the right equipment and experience to solve any problem. At Pristine Steam, we ensure every job from start to finish is completed with care. We offer stone restoration services. Specializing in Natural Stone Restoration, Cleaning and Repair.

Tile & Grout Cleaning 

Having our tiles and grout regularly maintained improves the look, prevents any odors and extends the life enormously.

By using the very latest in cleaning technology combined with professional products, we can extract years of dirt, grime, mold, and contaminants from deep within the pores of your tile and grout. Our guys are professionally trained and certified, so you can trust that your tile and grout surfaces will be safely and effectively cleaned, sanitized and restored back to their original beauty.

Having tiles adds a modern and luxurious look to your indoor space, but dirty grout can damage that once sophisticated image. Grout is made up of sand and water particles which create sponge-like textures, causing all dirt or grime to be absorbed within these tile grids. Since grout is such a problematic material cleaning it with solely household products will never do the job properly. When mopping or scrubbing with cloths, it only spreads the dirt around leaving more damage to subside within the tile itself.


The only way to get a thorough cleaning done and bring back the beautiful look off your tiles is by calling Golden Line Green Care and relying on our professional technicians. Not only do we soak eco-friendly cleaning solutions into the tiled space but also use the latest equipment to remove the layer of discolored grout leaving a new looking, fresh layer.


The tiles are then scrubbed with our solution to bring back the luster and shine to your tiles. Steaming techniques are also used in some extremely damaged cases to loosen the dirt within the grout. This may even be a mold build-up that only our professionals would be able to determine and remove efficiently.

Cleaning the Hallways

Tile and Grout Sealing

Sealing the Tile Floor after it has been cleaned is an important step towards long-lasting protection. Pristine Steam uses only top-of-the-line products for the highest quality results you want. Our Tile Floor experts are experienced with hundreds of projects!

Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning

Whether you work in an office, a bank, a school, or a convention center, we have the expertise and equipment to clean your tile and grout. We service all types of commercial accounts. For offices that have employees and customers throughout the day.

Residential Stone Maintenance

Upkeep with the stone can be tedious. It will depend on which type of stone is in your home, what kind of traffic it sees, and the location of the stone, but all of it will need to be cleaned, taken care of, and professionally serviced from time to time. As a reminder, for your residential stone, it is imperative that you avoid strong or acidic cleaners, as they can erode sealant and damage the stone.

Tile & Stone offers


Starting At $0.49/SF
Clean, Strip & Seal Package Starting At $1.49/SF

These specials cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. All prices are estimate only, without prior inspection of the condition of the item(s) to be cleaned. Deodorizing, deep cleaning & pet urine/odor removal are available at an additional cost; which can ONLY be provided after the technician has completed an inspection.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

For tile and grout cleaning, we start with a thorough inspection to identify stains or problems areas. Next, we apply a cleaning solution designed for your tile, whether ceramic or natural. We then spray the floor with hot water under pressure to loosen embedded dirt and grime. This spray greatly exceeds the pressure you can apply by hand or even using cleaners available at retail, so it provides a more complete cleaning.


We rinse several times to ensure that all traces of dirt and cleaning solution are removed. Once the floor is clean, we use a high suction vacuum to remove the dirt and loosened debris. We make sure that there is no water under the tiles or lingering in the grout. Your tile and grout will dry quickly since so little moisture remains after the vacuum process. You can enjoy your beautiful, sparkling clean floors right away. We also offer optional grout sealing services to help prevent dirt buildup in your grout. Grout sealing helps keep your grout cleaner and the color stays true longer. Grout sealing is especially necessary if your grout is a light color.

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The Importance Of Restoring And Cleaning Marble Surfaces


Marble is reputed in the international market for its premium quality, toughness and durability. It is often the preferred choice for interior and exterior in both commercial and domestic situations for flooring, wall cladding, paving, facades of buildings, pavements and landscaping.

One of the main issues with polished Marble is the polish starts to wear down with use and eventually becomes dull. Another issue we see is acid etching where strong unsuitable cleaning products used on the stone etch the surface and ruin its appearance. To resolve both these problems the stone needs to be re-polished with diamond encrusted burnishing pads of different grits to hone the stone and bring back that deep shine.

If this sounds familiar you should talk to us about our annual maintenance program where we visit you once a year to clean, polish and seal your floor thus keeping it in top condition. 


Travertine Cleaning & Polishing

Travertine is a natural material that has unique features and coloring that no other stone can offer. The distinctive look of Travertine creates some of the most distinguished floor tiles and has proved very popular with commercial and residential use. It can be used for floor tile, kitchen flooring, bathroom walls and floors, and it is often used externally.


There are many varieties such as Tumbled and Polished and like all natural stone it needs to be sealed to prevent dirt becoming trapped in the pores. Unlike other stones however Travertine does suffer from pitting however these holes can be filled. One of the main issues with polished Travertine is the polish starts to wear down with use and eventually becomes dull. Another issue we see is acid etching where strong unsuitable cleaning products used on the stone etch the surface and ruin its appearance.


To resolve both these problems the stone needs to be re-polished with diamond encrusted burnishing pads of different grits to hone the stone and bring back that deep shine. If this sounds familiar you should talk to us about our annual maintenance program where we visit you once a year to clean, polish and seal your floor thus keeping it in top condition.

Granite Cleaning & Polishing

The word “granite” originates from the word “granum,” meaning grain. It is comprised of small and large grains of crystals. This stone originates as a molten mass of magma, and then begins to form into the rock granite as it cools… usually over the span of millions of years. Durable, Distinctive, & Strong


Quartzite Cleaning & Polishing

Quartzite, a 100% naturally occurring stone has risen dramatically in popularity in the past few years. It is now a leading choice for homeowners and designers for countertops due to its durability and beauty. In fact, many opt for quartzite over marble because it has a similar appearance as marble, but is not nearly as fragile. However, it is still a stone and needs to be taken care of and maintained.

Limestone Cleaning & Polishing

Limestone is a sedimentary stone, as such it’s generally very porous and acid sensitive and can be damaged through the use of even mildly acidic soaps, shampoos and body washes. Because of this we do not recommend it for use in wet rooms, shower cubicles or near swimming pools.


Like any stone Limestone needs to be sealed to prevent dirt becoming ingrained in its pores and many varieties including Blue Lias, Blue Moleanos, Jerusalem and White Moleanos to name a few can be polished to a high shine using a series of burnishing pads. We have found that Black Limestone has become very popular in gardens where it contrasts well against green planting and looks fantastic when wet.


One issue we find however is it easily upset by the use of acidic patio cleaners that leave the stone looking dull and lifeless. If this has affected you then not to worry we do have a way of restoring the beauty of the stone back to its original condition.


Onyx Cleaning & Polishing

Onyx, a decorative natural stone, actually comes from deposits within limestone caves. Within the caves, when water drips down off of stalagmites and stalactites, it evaporates. When the evaporation takes place, calcium carbonate remains. This is what attributes to onyx’s pattern within the stone, the swirls, and the veins.


Because of this process, onyx can sometimes have fossils and shells within it, making it a chemical sedimentary stone. Sometimes translucent, each slab of onyx is unique in color. Over time, onyx actually recrystallizes and more light is able to pass through, making it more translucent.


Typically, onyx is seen in shades of yellow due to iron deposits present within the natural stone. It also comes in brown, green, orange, white, gold, and pink. Onyx is commonly used by both homeowners and designers for countertops, walls, decorative pieces, and more.

Terrazzo Cleaning & Polishing

Terrazzo is actually the by-product of broken pieces of stone often Marble, Limestone and Granite, which rather than being wasted are set into to a cement screed and poured onto the floor. Then once the screed is set it is grinded to a polish. Because of this we find the best way to maintain Terrazzo is with the use of Burnishing Pads which hone the floor and restore its appearance.

Terrazzo has actually been around for a long time, but mainly became popular in the 1920s when the first electrical grinders showed up on the building sites making the process of polishing much easier. With this new variation of Terrazzo the builder/tiler was able to create new set designs and pieces which fitted perfectly with the demands of the “Roaring Twenties” as the flooring of choice for hotels, railway stations and offices wishing to add that wow factor to a hallway or entrance.

One of the big issues we find with older Travertine floors is cracking due to settlement in the sub floor. These floors are poured in sections so any cracks need to be filled with a matching resin and then cleaned, polished and sealed.


Porcelain Tile Cleaning

Harder than ceramic tiles modern production methods have allowed a growth in the availability and design of Porcelain tiles which are known for their durability and water resistance making them a popular option for floors. Like Ceramic, Porcelain tiles are generally very easy to clean and need little maintenance however some are micro porous and do require sealing, you will need to ask you supplier which type you have installed as it can be very difficult to tell.

If your Porcelain tiles are of the micro porous variety then they will need to be sealed to avoid a build-up of dirt in the pores of the tile. For this we recommend Tile Doctor Ultra-Seal which works by impregnating the pores to ensure dirt can’t become ingrained there without changing the appearance of the tile itself.


Apart from sealing the biggest issues with this type of tile are usually grout related. Either the adjacent grout discolors over time or the tiler has been unable to remove excess grout from the surface of the tile, an issue known as Grout Haze or Grout Smears. Modern grouts can be particularly susceptible to the grout haze issue due to shorter working times and polymers in the grout which make it difficult to remove once dry. If this sounds familiar do contact us so we can advise you on how best to remove it.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning


Ceramic tiles are usually fully glazed and so do not have any pores that dirt can become ingrained into, because of this they are easy to clean with Tile Doctor Neutral Cleaner and are generally low maintenance. Textured ceramic tiles however are one exception, they have a rough surface in order to make them less slippery and are often used around wet areas such as swimming pools.


Dirt is easily trapped in the textured surface and to get these clean requires a more intensive clean ideally using a rotating scrubbing pad. Due to their low maintenance we rarely get called to deep clean Ceramic tiles however grout is a different case. The top layer of grout is actually porous and due to it being recessed we find when they are mopped it leads to a build-up of dirt on the grout causing it to discolor. 


Ceramic tiles are used a lot in bathrooms and shower cubicles where again we find it’s usually the grout or silicone sealant that discolors before the tiles do. In these cases we often find the appearance can be greatly improved with the use of a Grout Colorant and replacement of the silicone.


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My husband and I purchased our first home which had 90% tiled flooring. I mean everything from the kichen, to the bedrooms and most living areas. We shopped around and a few contractors told us we would have to rip out everything, to then install new flooring. Being new home owners we were on a very tight budget thus installing new flooring was not an option for us. Long story short, I did some online research and came across Pristine Steam who was experts in tile restoration. I told my husband we should call them and at least get a quote to see what we were looking at in terms of pricing. Not only was the pricing right in line with our budget, they were able to more than exceed our expectations! Our tile grout and flooring looks AMAZING literally brand new!! We could't be happier. All I can say is Thank you to the whole Pristine Steam team for making our new house a home. 

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