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At Pristine Steam, we are the very best when it comes to taking good care of your carpet, upholstery, tile, area rugs. For many people, cleaning is the most boring task and the worst punishment in the world. Most only begin cleaning their carpets when and only when they realize there is no single clean spot left on the carpet and it looks like a battlefield covered in dirt. Despite your best efforts at sanitation, your carpet will eventually fall victim to spill accidents and the dirt beneath your shoes. But we have good news for you. We handle these problem areas and keep your carpets looking new. Cleaning can be a quick and simple task when you contact for all your carpet, upholstery, tile, area rugs needs

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Allow us to make your home sparkle like you never thought possible. We remove even the tiniest of dirt particle with ease. We clean, we care, and we touch up your carpet. From your offices to your homes, we take very good care of your carpets. Our cleaning services are worry-free. Carpets in our homes can be a real luxury beneath our feet; we have a habit of vacuuming our carpets every other day to ensure they look good but unfortunately, some accidents happen, from kids spilling their drinks or food on the carpet or even the pets having their little accidents.


Many people make the mistake of rushing to the cupboard in the kitchen and lifting the first cleaning product they can get their hands on to tackle the stains, but by doing this, you can damage the carpet fibers because most of these products contain bleach which can permanently damage the carpet especially if it’s made out of wool. We will take care of your carpets using only the safest cleaning chemicals for your carpets and also your kids and pets.


We aim to satisfy every single one of our customers when we clean their carpets. We can deal with any type of cleaning issues you may have with your carpet, we will put your mind at ease, all you have to do is call us and we will get you sorted out.


Carpets garner a lot of dirt, dust and germs over time. In order to keep them lasting for a very long time and to maintain their beauty, get them cleaned. You will be shocked at the difference in your carpets once we have them cleaned. Often, the colors are so revitalized that the carpet shines. We provide color renewal to your carpets. We can restore color fades to carpets that have suffered color discolorations from sun exposure. We can also restore carpets that have bleach spills that have brought about in color loss. We understand that carpet cleaning is imperative to any home, but a lot of people do not have the time or the awareness to clean their carpets appropriately.

Our carpet cleaning will save you time and money, we know the best way to clean your carpets and have the right tools and machinery to do that. You see, most carpet manufacturers recommend that you clean your carpets with a qualified carpet cleaner at least every year to preserve their appearance. Our carpet cleaning services are designed to give each carpet the finest cleaning. To get rid of dust and light stains, our cleaning is affordable and will leave your carpets extremely clean. All our carpet cleaning methods are of eccentric value and give customers astounding results.


Your gorgeous carpets can be very costly and consequently should be prudently treated, particularly when cleaning. Leave the cleaning job of Carpet Cleaning in Palm Springs to us and we will deliver remarkable results that will most definitely exceed your anticipations.  We are a trustworthy enterprise with qualified experts that major in cleaning diverse kinds of carpets. When you need high-class carpet cleaning services, look no farther than Pristine Steam Palm Springs.

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My husband and I purchased our first home which had 90% tiled flooring. I mean everything from the kichen, to the bedrooms and most living areas. We shopped around and a few contractors told us we would have to rip out everything, to then install new flooring. Being new home owners we were on a very tight budget thus installing new flooring was not an option for us. Long story short, I did some online research and came across Pristine Steam who was experts in tile restoration. I told my husband we should call them and at least get a quote to see what we were looking at in terms of pricing. Not only was the pricing right in line with our budget, they were able to more than exceed our expectations! Our tile grout and flooring looks AMAZING literally brand new!! We could't be happier. All I can say is Thank you to the whole Pristine Steam team for making our new house a home. 

Wanda P

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